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South Africa (English)

Migrating from South Africa

We specialise in visa and migration needs of people from South Africa.

  • We speak Afrikaans and we've been through what you are going through.
  • Our Director, Mr Alex Pretorius is himself a migrant from RSA.
  • We understand that one day you might want to return to your fantastic country. For now we can help you to enjoy the real opportunities that Australia has to offer you and your family.

"I received a job offer in Australia and needed to get a Visa as soon as possible. After going through the steps of applying for a 457 Visa, I realised that the process is quite complex with dozens of documents, forms, letters, medicals etc. I decided I needed professional help to deal with the process and getting the paperwork right the first time.

A friend recommended that I use Alex Pretorius from Migrate Lawyers based in Australia, as he is also a migrant from South Africa and could help me in my home language, Afrikaans.

Alex didn’t just assist me in getting my Visa approved, but also help me with great advice and support through the whole process. I never felt if I was going through this process alone as Alex helped every step of the way.

A potentially very stressful and uncertain experience has become simple. I am so glad that I used Migrate Lawyers

Thank you Alex, you helped me to be a step closer to my dream "

Chantal Kriel

Key reasons to use us for your Visa and migration needs.

  • We cut through bureaucracy.
  • We can put you in touch with other trusted advisers.
  • RSA & UK Specialists.
  • We have credible and trustworthy contacts to assist you in all matters relating to migration including accountants, financiers, employers and professional bodies. 

Why professionals trust us.

  • We speak your language and understand you journey.
"With my extensive experience and as a former RSA citizen, I look forward to helping you with your migration needs. While I help all professionals, I have particular experience with medical practitioners, nursing specialists, CEO and managerial migrants, IT professionals and other clinical professionals."
  • Alex Pretorius - Lawyer & Licensed Migration Agent.
 Alex and his family
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