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Professionals Assisting Professionals

At MiGrate Lawyers we specialise in assisting a broad range of professionals migrating to Australia.

Extensive Experience

We have extensive experience in migration law with particular emphasis upon medical practitioners, nursing specialists, CEO and managerial migrants, IT professionals and other clinical professionals.

As licensed migration experts and with many of our team having been through the migration process, we understand what is needed to help you successfully migrate to Australia.

we understand what is needed to help you
successfully migrate to Australia.

We simplify

Everything we do is aimed at simplifying your life. We present elegant solutions to complex issues. Only by having been through the same process, have we learnt how to simplify it for others.

We're expanding

With two offices in Queensland, Australia and a new office in the Republic of South Africa, we can help you wherever you are.

Recent examples

We think differently and outside the box. By way of example, we recently assisted a client on a 457 visa aged over 50 who faced having to wait 4 years before being eligible for permanent residency. We successfully obtained a distinguished talent visa, meaning that our client obtained his permanent residency much faster. This also resulted in a substantial saving of university fees, which would otherwise have applied to his children.

Our Motto

Our motto is 'apply now'. In the constantly changing area of migration, it is sensible to act as soon as you qualify for a particular visa, an extension of a visa, permanent residency or citizenship before a particular window closes.

Migration law in Australia is a minefield of bureaucracy. We have the experience to make complex matters simple. We speak in plain language.

We look forward to working with you and showing you the opportunities that Australia offers. 

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